The SILK consortium works on the internationalisation of SSE enterprises and organisations through international peer learning and knowledge sharing Activities.

Internationalisation is the process involving multilateral flows of goods, services, financial resources, information, skills and knowledge within and between organisations, and across countries. The issue of internationalisation for SSE organisations has witnessed recent developments, that the SILK project, with the work of its consortium, aims to analyse

The SILK project is one of the six Peer Learning Partnerships of the OECD Global Action, funded by the European Union’s Foreign Partnership Instrument.

Coordinated by Diesis Network, it gathers a consortium of important SSE organisations from EU countries, USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, India and Korea.

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Learning objectives of the project:

Develop internationalization of SSEs organizations

Implement peer Learning, which includes:

- Practical and targeted research

- Activities to foster organisational learning geared for key stakeholders (public authorities, individual organisations and networks, etc.)

- The development of a community of peers

Facilitate a significant step forward in building more resilient SSE ecosystems.